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Did you know that your gut wall is home to 70% of the cells that make up your immune system? Which means that if you want to protect your health, you can't afford to ignore this crucial piece of the puzzle.

Not only that - research shows your gut can be your single most powerful friend to a strong immune system that keeps you in peak health and performance and stops disease and illness from leaving you out of commission.

Our breakthrough 3-In-30 system is built around RESETTING, RESTORING and REPAIRING your gut microbiome using a potent cocktail of safe, proven ingredients. It’s designed to make your gut the healthiest it’s ever been so that you can feel better than ever before.


Your brain and your gut are in constant communication with each other, telling each other things like, “Hey, stop eating. You’re full” or “Hey, I’m not feeling well.” This trading of information is called the gut-brain connection and it’s one of the most important relationships in your body.

The problem is that our ALWAYS-ON culture surrounds us with convenient and highly processed foods, endless emails, texts, crowded schedules and too little sleep. All of which ruin the crucial Gut-Brain connection that can maintain peak health and performance.

Scientists are just now scratching the surface of this complex relationship as it relates to immune health, anxiety, focus, mood, and obesity.

The 3-In-30 System is a smart, simple and scientifically advanced wellness system that pushes the reset button and repairs the digestive system to get the body back on track.

Best of all, this intelligent approach to supporting your gut health costs less than $2 per day.

Fortify your immune system. Help fight off sickness. Feel healthy. With Cloud 9 Life’s 3-In-30 System you’ll supercharge the health of your gut and keep your body’s defense systems firing on all cylinders.



I have struggled with weight and anxiety for a long time and within days of taking the 3-in-30 System I was sleeping better, feeling less anxious and overall just feeling renewed like a have the tools to deal with whatever life throws at me..

- Callie Harrison Elder

Cloud 9 Life is proving to be a game changer for me! I've tried lots of different wellness supplements in the past and haven't seen the success I'm seeing with Cloud 9 Life! I'm down 15 lbs and it's a great feeling!!

- Joanna Searle-Doupe

After using Cloud 9 Life products for a week I can honestly say I’m hooked! It has been so long since I was excited to get up at 4am to exercise and have the energy for it!

- Annette Albert
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3-in-30 System

For next-level aliveness, go with your gut. It’s no secret that the key to feeling great is in your gut. As researchers dig deeper into the power of the gut microbiome, they’re uncovering its influence over the immune system and digestive tract—as well as the role it plays in more systemic health issues including fatigue, weight gain, joint and muscle discomfort, mental clarity and cardiovascular challenges.

Keep your body’s defense systems firing on all cylinders! How does it work? Powered by our patent-protected Acti-Lytic Complex™, our 3-in-30 Wellness System contains both a 3-day supply of Moxy Body’s gentle digestive enzymes and a 30-day supply of Moxy Builder, the pre-probiotic with activating HMOs, to help RESET and RESTORE your gut. This powerful one-two combination helps fortify your immune defense while doing wonders for your energy, mood, focus and waistline.
$74.99 USD

Improve Focus Repair Bundle

Did you know that while your brain is only about 2% of your body weight, it consumes roughly 20% of your body’s energy? That means your brain needs a whole lot of nutrition to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Focus Fix contains a potent blend of nootropics, including Alpha GPC, phenylethylamine (PEA), gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Phosphatidylserine, and caffeine, designed to work together to supply your brain with the energy it needs to stay sharp while also helping you manage anxiousness and stress.

Of course, ensuring adequate hydration throughout your body is equally important to overall wellness, which is why Cloud 9 Life has created Quench. Quench hydrates cells and replaces electrolytes lost through sweat. It also maximizes performance by restoring energy levels so you can feel right as rain.

Kick fatigue and thirst to the curb with this pre and post-workout refreshing drink. Electrolytes combined with a smooth energy lift for a vitality and aliveness that hydrating with water alone can’t provide.

These two products offer a combination like no other—are you ready to give it a shot?
$94.99 USD $99.98 USD

Increase Energy and Immune Support Repair Bundle

Increase full-body vitality and kiss afternoon slumps goodbye.

From first light to good night, power your days with Great Greens, a potent nutrient-dense greens, superfoods, vital phtyo-nutrients and Cordyceps mushroom beverage to boost the immune system. Extend energy reserves and calm inflammation with a daily dose of Great Greens.

Hydrate and energize with Quench. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Replenish all major electrolytes and drained energy levels with a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which delivers a great tasting, smooth energy lift that won’t leave you jittery or overstimulated.

Kick fatigue and thirst to the curb with this Energy and Immune Support Repair bundle.
$83.99 USD $87.48 USD

Weight Control Repair Bundle

If excess weight has been a trouble spot for you, now you can balance your blood glucose and break through stubborn weight plateaus with Mission Control’s blend of Garcinia Cambogia extract, green coffee bean extract, and alpha lipoic acid. This highly energizing combination keeps metabolism high, helps maintain insulin sensitivity, blocks the production of enzymes that store fat and supports healthy stress management.

Secret Weapon is your way to give yourself the added advantage of a revved up metabolism, increased motivation, and a positive perspective. This blend will help you turn your fat burn on high while you maintain a positive perspective. Enjoy feelings of satisfaction, find release when pressure mounts, and keep cravings under control. A proprietary blend of Eria Jarensis and Phenylethylamine (PEA), Secret Weapon supports both physical and emotional needs so you can maintain healthful habits and a healthy weight.
$94.99 USD $99.98 USD
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