My Executive: Parker Gevirtzman
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Why You Should Be Listening to Your Gut

Do you know what plays one of the most important roles in everyday health? The answer is in your gut. 

Inside your intestines are trillions of bacteria that make up what is known as your gut microbiome. While some bacteria are pathogens that can cause illness, many are beneficial and have a direc...

The Health Benefits of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOS)

Want to be a wellness promoting powerhouse? Your gut should be the first place you start. The gut wall is home to 70% of the cells that make up the immune system, which makes it your single most powerful ally against disease and illness. Keeping that wall and microbiome strong and protective is al...

Cloud 9 Life selects 3 new social impact organizations for Purchase to Purpose

Cloud 9 Life selects 3 new social impact organizations for Purchase to Purpose

Nutritional wellness is what we do at Cloud 9 Life, but what we’re most proud of is giving back. Social impact is built into the DNA of the company and it’s not only part of our culture, it’s part of the way we conduct o...

Gut-brain axis and immune health, anxiety, depression and obesity

What’s the connection between immune health, anxiety, depression and obesity?          

Your brain and your gut are in constant communication, telling each other things like, “Hey, stop eating. You’re full” or “Hey, I’m not feeling well.” This trading of information is called the gut-brain connec...