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01 Nov 2020
Cash in November – 10 Days to Action
There’s never been a better time to earn CASH for sponsoring. On top of your regular commissions for bringing on new Executives, you’ll receive additional CASH BONUSES of up to $100 per Executive in November.
01 Nov 2020
Daily Pay Coming Tuesday, November 3rd!
Being paid simply and quickly has never been easier as Weekly Pay becomes our new Daily Pay! Receive your Executive & Customer bonuses daily, Monday through Friday. All sales in by 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time will be paid out that same day by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
31 Oct 2020
COVID-19 and Shipping Rates
Cloud 9 Life has closely monitored the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) globally, nationally and locally with all levels of our supply chain and delivery to our international employees in the US and abroad. While being a cloud based company has benefited our employees greatly, allowing them to work from home, our shipping partners still require in person labor to pick, package and ship our product.
01 Oct 2020
Events & Call Schedule
Cloud 9 Life offers a real solution for real people to earn an income with low start-up costs, support and training, and a no caps on earning potential. Our Virtual Events and Training Calls are hosted by experts in their field, top trainers and top income earners in Cloud 9 Life. These calls and training's will not only inform and inspire our Executives to tap into their “why” they will motivate and push them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams while becoming the best version of themselves.
10 Sep 2020
$1 Higher Ground for 7 Days Only!
We’re making it easier on you with $1 Higher Ground coffee with turmeric. That’s only $0.05 as rip-stick! It's the best deal this year to offer to your existing Customers and personally sponsored Executives. It's also an unbeatable experience to offer new Executives who join your team. But it's only available for the next 7 days, so this is your wake up call!
01 Sep 2020
Simple to Score in September Incentive
Join us as we kick off September strong and explain how it's Simple to Score in September with these amazing incentives.
01 Aug 2020
Fast Pass 150 - Accelerate Your Path To New Titles, Better Bonuses And Higher Commissions
Your secret weapon for skyrocketing your success in august. This limited-time incentive is your greatest opportunity to take your business to new heights. Read on to see why you can’t afford to miss this crucial window.
17 Jul 2020
FAST PASS 150 - Higher Titles the Easy Way
The Fast Pass 150 will boost your Point Volume by 150% in your largest leg. If you qualify for this 150% multiplier credit you will receive this incentive until the final commission period of September.
17 Jul 2020
Earn Your 2021 Getaway and Pack Your Bags
2021 Sky’s the Limit Getaway - Club Med Sandpiper - Port St. Lucie, FL Qualify between July 1 2020 – April 30, 2021
07 Jul 2020
EZ Ship Just Got Even Easier
Schedule future EZ Ships directly from every product shopping page